Species-specific surveys

Where the desk study research or consultation process identifies species of particular concern (such as Schedule 1 species), it may be necessary to include additional species-specific surveys if they are unlikely to be detected by general survey methods; for example if you would like to determine if barn owls are breeding within a certain area.

Gilbert et al. (1998) includes species-specific survey methodologies for many bird species and should be consulted as a first point of reference. It may be possible to consult the BTO, RSPB, a local research group or another consultancy for advice on certain species survey methods not covered by Gilbert et al. (1998).

These approaches are not replicated here. Summaries of the purpose and protocols will be provided along with appropriate links in due course.

Evidenced-based case studies for species-specific survey methods would be welcomed; please get in touch if you have any useful examples.

Other species-specific survey guidance

  • Barn Owls – Shawyer (2011)
  • Raptors – Hardey, Crick and Wernham et al. (2013)
  • Upland breeding waders – Brown and Shepard (1993)